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EcoVerse is an ecology simulation in which you build an ecosystem, with the goal of reaching and sustaining the highest possible diversity of life.

Build an Ecosystem teeming with plant and animal life and make sure there's always enough food for everyone!

The biggest mechanic that's not in the game yet is Research Points which can be used to unlock all sorts of new stuff

I have a big to-do list for this project, steady wins the race =)

Please keep in mind that EcoVerse is in Beta state, I need to get some feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts about the game in the suggestions section below, I am looking forward to it.

// 1.0.4 Patchnotes

- All Animals now also look for food on the surrounding tiles

- Fertility and Water are now two different things. Tiles require surrounding water to be placed, but plants and animals need a certain level of Fertility.

- Reduced the amount of Mountains that spawn on any given map

- Made the different selections for the detailed info panel for tile stats in the bottom-left corner more visible

- The game now uses a different font

- The buttons for carnivorous animals now have a red border

- Added a "How to Play" screen that shows up every launch


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